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Update on Queenie

August 4, 2011

Queenie, back out in the fields

Many of you have been asking about Queenie and the Shire horses in general over the past week.

Emma has kindly taken some time out of her hectic schedule to write the following blog in answer to some Farmers’ questions:

Hi MyFarmers,

Sorry for the delay in an update. Queenie is back to her usual self, out in the field with the boys, consuming as much grass as possible! Having had the all clear from the vets once her milk had dried up she has been going about life as normal. Her figure is returning, she had a nice bath on one of the warm days last week and met some of the visitors here for the holidays.

The horses on the farm do a variety of carriage work, we provide some rides for the visitors at the weekends as well as driving courses during term time where up to 4 people come and spend the day learning to drive either a single or a pairĀ of horses. The horses have done a little agricultural work in the form of harrowing, rolling and some haymaking and I am keen to increase our work on the land.

We would also like to contribute to saving the breed and hope to breed more Shires in the future.


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