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Farmers are never happy about the weather

June 13, 2011

Are you starting to understand why farmers are never happy about the weather? Non-stop rain yesterday which is absolutely fantastic for our crop reseeds.

Even our White Park cattle are bright and spotless this morning. When it’s dry they dust bath themselves and turn a shade of grey but this morning they look fit for showing, white and resplendent.

Unfortunately it was also Open Farm Sunday which is a wonderful event with one purpose. Aimed at getting people out onto farms and helping them understand where their food comes from. We received 482 visitors, which is about half the number I had hoped for. However, we know from experience that the difference in visits between a sunny day and a wet day is enormous. I sincerely hope that across the country people did brave the weather and get out to local farms that had also opened their doors.

Queenie is out in her paddock this morning enjoying a good bite of fresh grass, I don’t think she has realised yet just what an attraction she has become. Over 10,000 hits on her webcam now since it went live last week. I believe a mouse is trying to muscle in and steal some of the limelight. I am carefully considering my options or at least the mouse’s future. This could be a delicate situation as he has achieved something of a celebrity status already.

I watched the highlights of the trooping of the colour for the first time on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle, I found it fascinating that the drum horses are the only horse in the British army to carry an officer’s rank – they’re Majors! They looked like shires but where not identified as such. Maybe I am getting paternal and already raising my expectations for Queenie’s offspring!

I mentioned the Cereals event in Lincolnshire this week which I am planning to attend on Wednesday, I have been thinking over the weekend about the work I need to do there and I am not sure I can get it all done in one day. I will take Albert and Richard to share the load, Callum would also benefit from going so may give him a treat.

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